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Individual and Family Therapist

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Individual Counseling/Therapy

Life is difficult and frequently very complicated, especially when you find yourself struggling. I work with normal people who may not always feel normal, because the circumstances in their lives, their feelings about life, experience at work, feelings about themselves, or their relationships are not meeting their expectations. I have over a decade of experience working with people who have experienced interpersonal conflict, grief, shame, sadness, worry, fear, trauma and a long list of other concerns that can really drain the life out of a person. I have experience with a broad variety of treatment types, so I find that I can easily adapt to individual needs. I also know how important it is to develop a strong relationship with my clients, so they can feel safe to explore and problem solve where they haven't in the past.

Couples Counseling

Is married life difficult at times? You bet. Relationship work is incredibly important to me, and I would like to help you find peace in your love life. I see many people suffering with loneliness, unmet needs, frequent conflict, trust or infidelity issues, or child issues that deeply impact their relationships.  Our significant relationships are essential to our health and happiness, so I place considerable emphasis on helping people find balance and health in their connections with others. I frequently help couples heal from trauma together, correct mistakes or betrayals, of simply get back "on track" after falling in a rut. Regardless of where you and your significant other find yourselves, let me help you work together, better, again. If you aren't sure how it can help, call me for a consultation and we can discuss the possibilities.

Family Therapy

Families can accomplish many things by sitting down together, establishing common goals, and having the support of an experienced therapist to add perspective and guidance. Sometimes healing old wounds is a necessary part of the process, often it is just a matter of breaking negative communication patterns. Families frequently make massive improvements by coming together to address old resentments as they learn to work together. No matter what need in this area, we can work together to establish more healthy interactions for your family and help create connections that last.

Parent Coaching & Child Therapy

Raising children is not easy. I have a decade of experience helping families & children cope with problem behaviors, understand development, and improve relationships between children and their family members. This includes birth families and blended/non-traditional families. My focus is always on helping the whole family, with an emphasis on improving communication, emotional support between family members, bonding, and parental skill/confidence.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance use and abuse can impact individuals and their relationships considerably. I am experienced at helping clients overcome these challenges from any stage in the process, whether that is helping you or a loved-one learn to recognize the impact of substance use or continuing to build skills to maintain sobriety after treatment. I understand the absolute sensitive and complex nature of substance abuse and what it takes to help people succeed in treatment, because I also know that substance abuse can be much more than just a choice. 

Life & Career Coaching

When support, encouragement, and planning help is what you need, coaching might be the answer. While not traditional "therapy", an effective coaching experience can help you meet personal goals as an individual, overcome fears, improve parenting, or practice important social skills such as interviewing or conversation. See my blog post discussing the sorts of things coaching or consulting can be used for to improve your life. I have helped many people practice skills to improve their life situations, including resume-writing, interviewing, social skills, and methods to improve confidence.



Electronic communication is not entirely secure, so please leave only your contact information. I will contact you by telephone as soon as possible to discuss your needs and important details. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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