Insurance and Fees

Eliminating Surprises or Unnecessary Delays in Treatment


Finances and a misunderstanding of how sessions are paid for is a frequent source of confusion for clients and can lead to some unfortunate delays or stops in therapy. This information is provided to help you make good decisions and avoid unnecessary hiccups.

Determine how you hope to pay for your sessions ahead of time. I work on only with one type of insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas). All other clients pay me directly for services. Payment is also due at the time of services. Clients are always solely responsible for the entire cost of services. 


Even if you are covered by insurance, you may still have a cost. My billing servivce has advised me many times that no two insurance policies are the same, even within the same company.


Many people hope to use insurance benefits, which is great. Even if you have health insurance, you should ALWAYS call the customer service number on the back to determine:

a) if I am in network b) if your policy has a deductible or copay c) what the cost will be directly to you.

My fees are as follows: Initial session: $130 (approximately 1.5 hours); Extended session cost after assessment: $140 (beyond 52 minutes); Routine session: $120 (15 min-52 minutes).

As always, feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. I look forward to meeting with you!