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About Brock Caffee, LCMFT

Personal Profile

Thank you for your interest. There is no substitute learning as you meet with your therapist, but it might be helpful to learn a little about experience prior to scheduling a first visit. Here is a little about my lived and professional experience that have shaped my approach.

     I was born in Western Kansas and have always felt close to our state and its people. I understand the uniqueness of being part of an area in the state that straddles the invisible but observable lines between city and country, and I love aspects of both. My childhood experiences included frequent moving from city to city, and state to state. I have lived far and near to family, been separated from those close to me for extended periods, and I have experienced some of the same adversity in life as my clients. Most of them probably might explain that this helps me relate to them quickly and sets them at ease.

    I have lived in a variety of places which allowed me an incredibly diverse view of how people live and perceive life and relationships. Individual context  can impact how we manage conflict, relate to each other, or what we think of as "unusual" or unhealthy. I understand that in spite of our differences love and righteousness can be defined specifically. Even if there are a number of ways to express love and concern, love is not a feeling and often has little to do with feelings. I recognize that some of our relationships that may be viewed as problematic or "toxic" are what some of us call family. I hope to help improve upon even the most stuck patterns in my clients' lives. My experience and training has given me the skills to help family members treat each other better, connect more effectively, and for individuals have a more healthy relationship with themselves and others, no matter their context.

    For individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, anger, substance use, paranoia, adjustment to changes, grief/loss, visitation-custody issues, feeling misunderstood, and difficult family dynamics (including those where  you are not "at fault"), I understand that you need a place to sort out the details. I typically work in a couple of areas with all of my clients: 1. Understand the nature of feelings and where they may come from; 2. Learn to be self-aware and less directed by strong feelings; 3. Develop a life of meaning, mastery of negative emotional states, and apply what you have learned in life for good!

     My values are part of my practice, which include an strong interest in the truth, commitment to love as defined in 1 Corinthians 13:1-7, and learning to manage emotions toward the preservation of marriage and family relationships except in situations where there is harm. I seek to help individuals, couples and families preserve their relationships when possible, by improving what they can within their own role and by encouraging others to participate in the process when possible. When it is not possible, I help them explore the facts, apply sound judgement to difficult situations, and do their best to carve a healthy life out of what remains. I also recognize the absolute value in helping clients navigate the most difficult times in their lives with guidance that will not emphasize the shame and guilt they may feel, but to encourage them to lean on the wisdom they might have as a result of those experiences.


My Areas of Specialization


-Individual differences in relationships

-High conflict couples and families

-Christian counseling

-Life transitions

-Men's Issues

-Trauma and Intergenerational dysfunction

-Parent-child relationships

-Adult parent-child relationships

-Family estrangement


- Persistent mental health issues and family

-Conflict resolution

-Depression and Anxiety

-Workplace issues

-Management consultation (personnel, conflict, motivation and morale issues)

-Executive and career coaching

Treatment Models I Use

-CBT, including trauma-focused CBT and reciprocal CBT for couples and families

-Intergenerational Family Therapy

-Structural Family Therapy

-Strategic Family Therapy

-Intersubjective Couples Therapy

Education and Professional Experience


Kern Co. Department of Mental Health

Bakersfield, CA

As a post-graduate intern, I took this position to sharpen my understanding of assessment and treatment of a wide variety of individuals. I was closely supervised by experienced therapists and consulted with a large, experienced group of professionals including senior therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, and substance abuse specialists. I worked in outpatient, inpatient and crisis rotations during this valuable time, with individual, couples and families of all ages.


California State University

I completed a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology at California State University, Bakersfield. The program included intensive coursework to help me develop a deep understanding of the treatment of individuals, groups, and families. Many of my instructors and clinical supervisors during this time were experienced family therapists but some were also experts in other primary disciplines, such as clinical psychology, pharmacology, development and attachment, and communication. My specific areas of interest during this time were human personality, attachment, and couples therapy. I graduated with top honors in the School of Education and Counseling, as the Outstanding Graduate for the school in my graduation year.


Child Guidance Clinic

Bakersfield, CA

I worked with this clinic as a therapist, clinical supervisor and manager over the course of 12 years. At the clinic we provided a variety of services to families and children, including outpatient therapy, crisis stabilization, multi-disciplinary treatment coordination, education and child welfare consultation, probation consultation, therapeutic groups (preschool-teen), family reunification, and medication management. I oversaw a variety of program development projects and grants, in addition to managing a large treatment team. I also accepted a teaching role at the Marriage and Family Therapy program at California State University, where I was a lecturer and clinical supervisor.


Family Strategies Counseling and Coaching

I returned to my home state of Kansas with my family to pursue my dream of establishing my own practice, where I could further specialize in helping families using strategies developed in my earlier experiences without the need for bureaucratic interference that people often experience with community-based mental health centers and larger practices. Together with my wife and practice partner, Kristan, I am working to grow the practice in a direction that will provide healthy support to those seeking healthy relationships!

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