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Options for Kids & Teens

I offer services for families with children of all ages, in a "family first" format. I find that actively and sensitively engaging as many family members as appropriate can be helpful and lead to longer-standing improvements in attitude, behavior, and emotional health for children. I am also hope to assist you in reaching goals that will help the entire family, as well as the individual child.

Families are quite varied, and kids are extremely varied in how they share their attitudes, behaviors, and challenges. I use a number of strategies to achieve goals, when a child is the client. As a parent, you should expect to be an active participant in your child's therapy, but also know that your child will be offered time to discuss thoughts and feelings that they might not be so open with at home or school. I will listen to both you and your child, honoring your bond, family rules, as well as the specific challenges you each face when we work together.


Common Issues:

-Routines & Structure

-Behavior Problems

-Divorce Aftercare

-Moving Away 

-Depression & Anxiety

-Family Conflict

-Healing from Loss (Grief)



-Social Media 

-Freedom vs. Responsibility

-Parent Confidence & Parent Skills

-Attachment and Bonding 

-Communicating about Feelings


-Teenage Relationship Challenges (including dating safety and boundaries) -Trauma






**I do not offer services for the family courts or families seeking custody evaluations, including evaluations or assessments intended to be used for any court or mediation process. I will consult with or provide information for schools, special education professionals, special supportive services, or juvenile probation officers, as appropriate, at the client and parent's request.

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